June 27, 2010

Joining the Communitea

One of my last stops at the Tour de (Vegan) Orlando was Dandelion Communitea, a super cute, eclectic restaurant which serves mostly sandwiches, salads and an awesome selection of tea. Their menu isn't very extensive, but what they have is fantastic. They grow a lot of their own produce and put a high emphasis on being healthy, local, and eco-friendly.

The restaurant itself is in an old house that is full of mismatched tables, drawings of celebrities all over the walls, and a super friendly crowd. They have lots of events such as vegan/raw potlucks, live bands, and more. The place definitely attracts the "typical vegan" crowd (aka me) so I felt right at home there. I ended up sharing an outdoor table with an older couple and had an awesome conversation with them. The husband is vegan and they both started doing yoga at a studio conveniently located across from Dandelion. We talked about green smoothies and I even ended up even telling them about my blog (if you end up reading this, hi!). It was a groovy conversation with great people.

Onto the food! For an appetizer I got "summer of love rolls", which are pretty large summer rolls full of veggies and a peanut dipping sauce on the side. I must say, though these were fresh and light, they weren't my favorite. I think they were too big; when I bit into them veggies exploded all over the place. It was a nice, light starter though.

For my entree I ordered something that isn't on the regular menu, the vegan honey mustard tempeh wrap. You can have it as a salad, wrap, or wrapped in collard leaves they grow outside. I wanted collards but unfortunately they didn't have any available, so I went with a wrap. Verdict? DELICIOUS. The tempeh had an amazing flavor and texture and the vegan honey mustard sauce was creamy and not overly sweet. I also liked that the majority of the wrap was field greens and fresh vegetables and not just a mound of tempeh. It was fresh and filling.

With each entree you get a 'side' and a handful of blue corn tortilla chips. I got their "world peas guacamole" which was yum, but their hemp hummus is by far the best side available.

I loved the vibe and food so much that I ended up going back the following night and getting the same thing plus a cup of their famous chili. This chili is dynamite! It's not too spicy but has a nice flavor and is full of beans and tempeh. It's topped with vegan queso (which my nut butter radar suspects is made with peanut butter). The chili was wonderful but I ended up having indigestion most of the night; I think I overdid it.

Overall, I think this is my favorite vegan friendly joint in Orlando. Groovy people, relaxing atmosphere and good, healthy food.

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  1. Were the summer of love rolls made with the same wraps as fresh spring rolls? They look really good but I know what you mean when something explodes like that it is a mess to eat.

  2. Yep, they were rice paper. They were good, but Loving Hut's were definitely better. Luckily I don't care about making a mess of myself so I enjoyed them nonetheless.

  3. Oh how cool. What a neat place. The food looks pretty spectacular too!

  4. The restaurants here are so fabulous. :)