First and foremost, I view food as a celebration. Every meal, from its preparation to sitting down to eat is an event I immerse myself completely into every component of cooking a meal; I always give a little "love" to everything and thoroughly enjoy the process. Even if I'm just cooking for myself, I always make it a point to make the plate look nice. I like a good presentation when I'm at a restaurant, so why shouldn't I do the same for myself? Everyone should feel special. When I eat, I take the time to savor each ingredient and appreciate how everything comes together to form a great meal. When I eat at a restaurant, I make a night out of it. I have plenty of good conversations, laughs, and give myself a lot of time to unwind, relax and feast.

In terms of what I eat, I make it a point to eat fresh, whole (and preferably seasonal) foods. The way we look and the way we feel is mostly due to our diet, and since I want to feel healthy and energized, I eat foods that make me feel that way. More importantly, I eat foods that make me feel happy. Whether it be something that makes me feel nostalgic, or something super healthy, or something that is sheer comfort, I want to feel good. All of this being said, I'm human, so of course I eat "unhealthy" foods sometimes. It's just as important to indulge as it is to be healthy. Ultimately, I listen to my body and give it what it wants and needs. If I want a green smoothie then I'll drink one, but if I want a cupcake then I'll eat one and enjoy every single bite.

Another simple point is that I won't eat something that isn't delicious. I don't care where I am or what it is, I won't force myself to eat or drink something that I'm not enjoying - there's just no point. As with other things in life, you should never do anything that makes you unhappy or leaves you dissatisfied.

So, there it is. Food for me is a bunch of daily mini celebrations. I put my heart into every part of a meal and make each meal special because I deserve it. And so do you.