December 18, 2010

Vegan S'mores Bark

My love for s'mores is deep and it's real. It started this past summer when I visited Cafe 118 in Winter Park, FL and went absolutely batty over their raw s'mores. I looked forward to every time I visited just for that dessert, darting my eyes as I licked the plate clean each time. They sparked a desperate love of s'mores that has yet to be fully satisfied.

That is, until I made this bark. Now I'm full of so much chocolatey goodness that I don't think I could ever so much as look at a bar of dark chocolate or a marshmallow again.

That's a lie. I just went back for seconds.

Anyway, this is a totally easy and fun dessert to put together. It takes literally minutes, involves fire and melted chocolate stuck to bowls and fingers that require cleaning. And by cleaning, I mean by way of tongue.

Oh, and the crumbs of graham crackers or extra few marshmallows left behind? They don't count. As we all know, there are no calories in crumbs. Since chocolate bark are technically broken pieces of chocolate, they also sort of count as crumbs. Go to town.

Vegan s'mores bark

- 12 oz semi-sweet chocolate (I used Guittard chips)
- 4 graham crackers
- Vegan marshmallows (I used Dandies)

- Melt chocolate by placing the chips in your microwave on medium (50%) heat for two minutes. Stir, then put them back in the microwave for thirty seconds. Continue doing this until chocolate is completely melted.
- Meanwhile, toast marshmallows by putting them under your broiler, over your stove burner or by using a blow torch. Honestly, I stuck each marshmallow to the end of a butter knife and used my stove burner; it worked perfectly. This is optional, but it adds a nice touch.
- Spread melted chocolate on waxed paper and, using a rubber or metal spatula, spread an even layer of your desired thickness.
- While chocolate is still liquid, place graham crackers and toasted marshmallows around in any way you desire. Make it fun! Allow chocolate to harden, then break it apart in random shapes. Store in an airtight container for up to a week.

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  1. Yuuuuuuum!!!!! What an awesome idea!

  2. Oh wow, that looks soooo amazing.

  3. I used to love smores, but have steered away from them since going veg. I need to track down some vegan marshmallows!

  4. Oooh... lovely! Sounds delicious! I love anything chocolate, and could eat marshmallows by the handful... (as could my dog!) I'll have to try this.

  5. I haven't made any barks this season but this one looks like an absolute winner...and of course I love your "just crumbs" logic!

  6. @Wendy Heath

    I'm glad someone else understands my love of all things chocolate and marshmallow!

  7. @Faith @ lovelyascharged

    My expanding waistline is not a fan of my "just crumbs" logic, but that's just a minor detail. :P

  8. @Mimi

    Yeah, I don't eat regular marshmallow because gelatin gives me the heebies. Dandies are great, so if you can find them, definitely give 'em a try. :)

  9. I think the tongue method is always the most effective way of washing up :-)

  10. This is by far the most wonderful way to make s'mores I have ever seen..ever. I can not wait to make this and then eat it ALL :-) YUM

  11. @MegSmith

    Thank you so much! :) Truth be told, this whole batch was pretty much gone in two days.

  12. this looks amazing! i recently did a giveaway and review of a chocolate company called chocomize who puts stuff in their chocolate...yours trumps anything one could ever buy! :) lovely!!!

  13. What a beautiful blog you have!! So happy I found this! LOVE the smores. YUMMMMMMM