June 26, 2010


After waking up entirely too early (barely 7:00) and doing Power Yoga 5 from Yoga Download, I really wanted a green smoothie. Unfortunately, I had no greens at my disposal. Fortunately, I did have access to a juicer (I normally don't), so I improvised and created an absolutely bomb smoothie.

18-carrot protein smoothie
- 1 frozen banana
- 1 cup carrot juice (fresh or bottled)
- 1 tbsp rice protein
- 1 tbsp peanut butter
- 1 tbsp flax
- 4-5 ice cubes

This was an experiment gone awesome. The carrot juice was bright and sweet and the addition of the peanut butter reminded me of my Elementary School days of eating carrot sticks and Skippy. A good way to bulk up the smoothie to make it more of a meal is to add 1/2 cup raw oats to the blender; it will thicken it and make it more filling. I had a bowl of fresh fruit on the side, though, so my tummy was perfectly satiated. Next on the agenda? Farmer's Market for my beloved kettle corn.

Have a great day everyone! :)


  1. That sure looks sunny and fun! Perfect for an AM smoothie. Have a great day girl.

  2. I know! I love anything that reminds me of sunshine. You too sweets. :D

  3. Hi! I traveled over from an LJ post you made. I didn't know about this yoga download site you sometimes mention, and I've been looking around the site, but I'm really new to yoga and know basically nothing about it. I'm a marathoner-in-training and I'm looking for something I can do on cross-training or rest days (so, low intensity) to try to stretch out and loosen up my legs. My legs are so tight and sore. Any kind of core work would be good too. Do you have any recommendations about what kind of yoga might be best for me? It's all so overwhelming.

    Also... i love your meals and photos! totally going to make some of your food and follow your blog :)

  4. Ack, and I'm already hitting you up with a second question after reading more of your blog! Have you ever tried steel-cut oats using the overnight oats method? It seems like rolled oats would soak up almond milk better overnight, while steel-cut ones might be too tough? But I read that steel cut ones are more nutritious and that's the only kind I've bought in a really long time. Putting a bowl in the fridge the night before sounds perfect for my quick mornings, so if you don't think steel-cut will work I might have to go buy some rolled ones!

    Sorry for the multiple posts/questions :)

  5. Hey, thanks for stopping by! You can ask anything you want; don't hesitate.

    In regards to your first comment, here are three classes from Yoga Download I recommend:

    1) Yoga for Runners. It's a great hip opener and lengthens and stretches the legs and muscles. You can do it either pre or post run.

    2) Core Yoga 1. It really works my abs and legs, more so than any other session on the site. I follow the practice by doing a series of pilates legs circles for a little extra something.

    3) Any of the Hatha sessions. They're great relaxing, restorative sessions. They would be great to do post-run for a calming cool down work out. I also like to do a Hatha session first thing in the morning or before bed because it stretches me and helps me unwind.

    Most classes on YD have a free 20 minute session so you can try these (and others) out and decide what works for you.

    In regards to your second post:

    You can use steel cut oats for overnight oats, but they will be crunchier because the won't absorb as much liquid. If you'd prefer them less crunchy, try cooking a big batch of steel cut oats ahead of time, refrigerating and then using 1/2 cup prepared oats instead of raw.

  6. Thank you so much! I didn't see the runners one. It seems great! I'm going to try it today.

  7. 7:00 is too early? That's when the day is at its best!

  8. When I go to bed at 3AM it's too early. :P

  9. Well then, if you were up at 7:00 after a 3AM bedtime, AND you did yoga, I think that's pretty impressive.

  10. I try to be an impressive chick!