July 8, 2011

5 Healthy Foods I Love

I was reading Andie's blog, as I do every day, and stumbled upon a series of posts she made entitled "5 Healthy Foods I Love". And you know what? I loved them. Every single one. I wound up leaving her an incredibly verbose comment and decided that I would post my own, as to save her from reading my rambling any further over random ingredients I've helplessly fallen for.

1. Eggs

Eggs make me happier than they should. I love buying a fresh dozen and boiling half of them. I grab a chilled one on a semi-daily basis and slowly eat them as snacks, pulling away the white to savor the nude creamy yolk. I prefer my eggs local, organic, and in my mouth.

I also love poached eggs with my entire heart. And fresh herb omelettes. And quick baked eggs with little nuggets of goat cheese melting ever-so-slightly over top.

2. Berries

My fridge is about to explode with berries. The other day I bought two pints of the biggest, darkest, sweetest blackberries and have already polished off one of them. I love eating berries in their true, unadulterated form - raw, crisp, bursting with juice and a summery freshness that only berries can produce. Sure, tarts, pies, and crumbles are all among the things I would never refuse, but I love them as they are.

3. Peanut butter

Sometimes I buy almond butter, and am subsequently disappointed that it always tastes like oily, ground up cardboard. Sometimes I spend $6 on Peanut Butter & Company flavors, which only work with sweet applications. Cashew butter is delicious, but the price makes us only occasional lovers. What I love the most is regular, salted, silky peanut butter. Peanuts and salt - that's all you need.

4. Avocados

I jumped for joy when I saw avocados on sale for $4/5. I've bought four in the past two days; I have eaten two. I love them mashed into guacamole, grilled, sliced in salads or betwixt two slices of bread, or halved, eaten with just a sprinkle of sea salt and a fork. I love them any way, in all their buttery glory.

5. Raw cacao nibs

I mistakenly bought cacao nibs at Whole Foods months ago. I thought they were something else that was on sale for $2/5, but when I got to the register, they were $6.99. I didn't have the heart to send them back, so I took them home with me. They're pebbles of crunchy and bitter chocolate in its most raw and purest form. They add lovely texture to almost anything, and their bitterness strangely appeals to me.

Honorable mention: My curious cat, Mary

But I don't eat her. I just cuddle her and shower her in kisses.

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