June 13, 2011

Super Short, but Sweet

Hi, friends!

I have no pictures and, well, no food to show you, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I'm safe (and happy) in Orlando. It has been pretty relaxing for the most part, but there have been some shenanigans (fourteen hour Disney excursion, for instance), probably too many "adult beverages" and lots of laughs.

Sidenote: If you live in Orlando/surrounding areas, please don't hesistate to ask to meet up. Really, I'm getting kind of bored in my padre's casa in the middle of nowhere, so I need entertainment. I'll show you my favorite vegan cupcakery!

I've been eating out a lot (re: way too much) and need to get back in the kitchen soon. I'll make sure to try to get some scrumptious food on the blog, or at least photographs of some sort to prove that I'm actually lounging in a place that is now in a state of emergency due to brush fires and draught.

It was 98 degrees today. Nick Lachey says hello.

I'm funny.

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