May 25, 2011

There's the Rub....

Want to know one of the worst viruses a food/wellness blogger can possibly have?


Want to know what I have?


I can barely hold down water, let alone food, and the one time I left the couch in four days resulted in me sweating and grasping my stomach from nausea in the doctor's office.

It's finally sunny out after weeks of nastiness. And I can't run. Or frolic through the grass. Or cook. Hell, I can't even eat. I wonder if my body will ever be able to do plow pose again.

I'm so not a drama queen.

Luckily my energy isn't depleted to the point that I can't read blogs. But, I probably won't be posting until my tonsils and lymph nodes decide to get over their Napoleon complex and get back to their normal size.

If I do post, maybe I'll make pudding. Or soup. Or other soft foods I'll never want to touch in two weeks.

Send help. And ice cream.

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