May 26, 2010

Sea World

I was apprehensive about going to Sea World because I don't necessarily agree with taking animals out of their natural habitat and using them for entertainment purposes, but my dad bought me a season pass and I really wanted to experience it for myself before I fully passed judgment. I woke up at 7, did my morning yoga, and made a very quick yogurt bowl:

Soyogurt, Nature's Path crunchy vanilla sunrise cereal, banana, cinnamon, flax, and shredded coconut.

Then we set off! The weather was great - not too hot and a nice breeze. I was surprised by how pretty the park was; it almost felt like I was in the tropics. The first ride we went on was Manta, which for some reason was temporarily shut down while we were in line, so we ended up waiting over an hour. Was it worth it? YES. The ride was awesome. We went on every ride, saw the Shamu show and went to a bunch of exhibits. I have to say that my favorite part was Journey to Atlantis; it was hands down the best water ride I've experienced. Here are some pictures:

My dad and I at the Shamu show.

'mingoes. They're pink because they eat shrimp!

This made me ridiculously sad. There was just one polar bear and he looked so lonesome. I wanted to hug him and take him home but I figured he would eat me before I got him to the car.

Shark. I've seen bigger.

And the best for last: A DOLPHIN VIDEO. I wanted one of them to come up to me so I could pet it so desperately, but apparently they weren't feeling me. That'll do, pig, that'll do.

Oh hell, here's some penguins:

Since the apple I brought to Universal turned disgusting, I shoved a peach in my purse to nosh on today. I've come to realize that warm fresh apples = bad but warm peaches = soft, juicy and good. Time to relax.


  1. 5 dolla at Urban Outfitters! I thought it was appropriate for being at Sea World and all.

  2. I am totally with you on the warm apples. I like mine cold and will stick it in the fridge if I know I'm going to have it later. I like it that cold! Such a great picture of you and your dad by the way.

  3. I don't even like my apple pie warm, strangely enough. I tried to salvage the warm apple by sticking it in the fridge to eat later, but the end result was a slightly rotten apple, haha. So, I'm sticking to eating 'em straight outta the fridge from now on.

    Thanks doll :D