July 15, 2010

Back to My Roots

First off, I had an awesome work out today! I focused on arms, chest and back and I feel awesome. I was left feeling sore from my leg work out the other day and it was awesome, so I was excited to feel the burn in my upper body. I was never much for strength training, but I find myself looking forward to strength exercises now. I've spent so much time doing cardio and yoga that it's nice to try new things. Here's what I did:

- 3 sets of 10-12 reps per exercise unless otherwise stated.
- First set used 5lb weights, then upped to 10lb weights.

- 5 min. treadmill warm-up (3.5MPH @ 8.0 incline)
- Overhead press
- Chest press
- Alternating shoulder press
- Planks (Hold for 30 seconds 3 times)
- Lateral raise
- Front lat pulldown
- Dumbbell chest fly
- 10 min cardio cool-down (elliptical @ 6.5MPH)

I feel awesome! I have so much energy and I can tell my arms will be sore in the morn'. I'm a strength training newbie, but I'm enjoying dipping my toes into the weights pool.

In other news, after lunch yesterday I went to dinner at this place called Grass Root, a vegan and partially raw restaurant in Tampa. It came highly recommended and I was definitely excited to try a new raw place.

As usual, the place had a groovy vibe. The walls were covered in beautiful artwork, bold colors, and a relaxing little fountain. I started the meal with a wheatgrass shot. I've never done one before because I've heard mixed things, but I loved it! I find that I tend to enjoy drinking greens people prefer not to (e.g. kale over spinach) so I'm not surprised I dug the wheatgrass.

For my entree I went with raw sushi, which included a plethora of vegetables inside raw nori. The original dish included a lot of avocado, but after a heavy lunch I just wasn't feeling the avo, so they offered to make it with yellow pepper instead. Not only was it nice of them, but I loved the pepper! It added a nice fresh crunch.

The presentation was clean and beautiful and the wasabi was exquisite. Usually I can't even try a tiny drop without feeling like death, but this was lovely. I have no idea what they did to make it so palatable, but I must find out. They also used pickled ume plum instead of ginger, which I liked a lot. It was, hands down, the best sushi I've ever eaten.

Who says you can't have two desserts in one day? After my super healthy energy food, I wanted some dessert! Enter raw chocolate orange cheesecake. Enter foodgasms. It was light yet decadent at the same time, and I noticed they used a coconut oil shell!

I always leave a raw food meal feeling energized, light and amazing. There is no feeling like it, really, which is why I need to eat raw more often.

I loved Grass Roots. The owners were lovely; I got into a conversation with Spencer, one of the owners, about my blog and raw foods and he seemed excited about checking it out. It was just a pleasant experience all around and a perfect end to a lovely, full day.

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  1. Oh that sushi looks so good. I could go for some of that right about now. Nice job with the workout too!

  2. It's like a rainbow on a plate! Thank you. :)

  3. Mmm that sushi looks awesome. I've never had pickled ume plum- I am intrigued. Your workout sounds hardcore. I was just packing my suitcase and sighing over the fact that I needlessly brought my sportswear along... I haven't done a speck of exercise this week.

  4. I think you'd enjoy the plum. I'm still intrigued over the pickled onions! Don't fret girl, you were visiting your mom and family is way more important than doing exercise. You'll get back on track.

  5. Hi Krystina! I just found your blog through Oh She Glows comment section and it's so cool to come across another Central Florida girl! I've passed by this place a few times when I've driven into Tampa, and it's so cool to hear it's good! That sushi roll definitely looks like I'll be heading over there at the next chance I get!

  6. Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by. :) Where in FL are you? I'm spending the summer in Orlando and have been trying to find some local bloggers! You should definitely check it out and the vegan/raw places around Orlando. :)

  7. Raw sushi? I never heard of it. I love to make vegan sushi with rice...and I tend to eat a ton of it when I do, but I think the idea of raw would be a delicious addition, especially on a warm summer day.

  8. You should try it out. I've always wanted to make sushi but I lack a mat and sushi rice intimidates me, so the raw would make it much easier.

  9. There's no need for a mat, I actually find it easier without the mat.

    And don't feel intimidated by sushi rice...you are bigger and more powerful than sushi rice.

  10. Thank you for the words of wisdom and encouragement. :P

    How do you do it without a mat?

  11. The sushi looks amazing and full of good nutrients.

  12. It's chock full of 'em! I'm looking forward to recreating the dish at home. Thanks for stopping by, Stacey! :D