May 20, 2010


Today is my first full day in O-Town! My flight yesterday was a breeze. I didn't photograph anything, but my breakfast was a delicious overnight oats with berries and banana and I packed a lunch for the flight of whole wheat couscous tabbouleh. I arrived and was immediately hit by the humidity (which I happen to love) and I'm loving the weather so far. After a $105 bill (yikes - and I forgot stuff, too) at Whole Foods and a delicious sushi dinner, I settled on my new yoga mat, did my usual routine and got a good nights sleep. Today is business time, though. To get started, I had a nice breakfast:

Millet and flax toast with crunchy almond butter and black cherry preserves, a perfectly ripe banana and some less than perfect coffee. Note: Maxwell House is awful, must get freshly ground coffee.

Check out these collectible cups my dad's girlfriend has:

I'm digging the panda. I think I'll name him Burt.

I have a job interview at Starbucks at 11; I wasn't expecting an interview this soon but they called me while I was at the airport, haha. It's at the Florida Mall so I'm going to go explore that then get a tour de O-Town.