May 20, 2010

Krystina: 1, Orlando: 0

My interview was the most interesting one I've ever had. It lasted over an hour and the GM and I had a wonderful conversation. It turns out that she is also in the process of losing weight and becoming healthier, so we connected on that immediately. She called me a few hours ago and told me that she didn't want to wait until the day was over to tell me that I got the job! She said that she had a great time, was really impressed with me, and welcomed me to their team. I officially start training as a barista June 1. I've only been in Orlando a little over one day and I already have a job - I'm proud of myself. My dad was also proud and wanted to have a little photoshoot:

It feels so nice to wear so little! I love hot, humid weather.

I had plans to grill, but after a long day I wanted something simple and colorful. So, I tore open this package of spinach and tomato shells and went to town:

I sauteed 2 garlic cloves in 1 tbsp olive oil, added fresh lemon juice, sea salt, rainbow peppercorns and red pepper flakes, then added a vine tomato and heated it through just slightly. Tossed the pasta in that simple sauce, added a sprinkle of nooch, and poured it over raw zucchini spirals. It was pretty to look at, light and delicious. I love simple dinners like this.

I also love this plate; it reminds me of a circus. Expect to see it often.

I'm going to hit the hay soon because I have an early start tomorrow. I'm going to Cocoa Beach with my dad and half brother and I'm beyond excited. Good night!


  1. I love that dress. Congrats on the job!

  2. Thank you! The dress is super super comfortable and I'm both happy and relieved about the job.

  3. mmm pasta! congrats on the new job! :)