July 15, 2011

Things Men Shouldn't Do to (Women) Runners

I thought I'd do a fun post today, mostly because I haven't perfected the bean burgers that I'm dying to share, and partly because I'm becoming greatly annoyed lately.

Annoyed at men.

I know this isn't anything new, but let me explain. Every time I go out for a run, at least one man does something rude, stupid, or just plain creepy. My reactions span from uncomfortable, to amused, to giving him the meanest look my sweaty face can create.

So, over the past few days, as I've been running, I've been going through a list of things men shouldn't do to women runners. So, without further ado, here are my top five (current) annoyances with men.

Things men shouldn't do to (women) runners

5). If a woman runner (or any runner, for that matter) is about to run past your driveway, make sure to look both ways. If you don't look at what's going on around you, you will kill someone. Thankfully the runner you almost hit was smart enough to stop as she saw you race out of your driveway while looking the opposite direction.

4). If a woman runner is running toward you and you look directly at them, then turn around as they run past, don't think that they can't see everything. While I'm flattered you wanted to see my behind as I run, I do not appreciate your lack of subtly in doing so.

3). If a woman runner decided to take her running shirt off because it's 90 degrees and a sports bra is more comfortable, do not whistle at her. I'm not Heidi Klum in a new Victoria's Secret ad; I'm running around in a sports bra covered in sweat. I feel uncomfortable, hot, and not sexy in the least.

2). If you see a woman runner while you're driving, do not beep at her and stick your thumbs up at her. Or give her a creepy smile. Why? I just told you - it's creepy. She doesn't want to be oogled while she runs, she wants to run. And now, she wants to run away from you.

1). This is a pretty basic one and should be followed by everyone: smile. If you see a woman runner, or any runner, and they smile at you or give you a little wave of acknowledgment, smile back. It's common courtesy, and part of that whole unspoken runner's bond. Plus, she'll feel like a dope if she gives you a grin and you look away.

In short, be friendly, be respectful, and don't oogle women runners. Or, at the very least, don't do it to me. Capisce?

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