April 15, 2011

Quick News Break

Hey guys.

What I'm about to say might annoy some people. I know, me? Annoying? Never.

But I digress...

After an intense night of horrible dairy-induced pain (I blame you, Ben & Jerry) I've realized that being in pain is not worth ooey gooey cheese or whiskey swirled, English toffee speckled ice cream. So, I'm going vegan again.

No, really.

Funny enough, I've been trying to for months and have failed. For some reason it's a lot easier to do the first time than the second. But I'm doing it, and putting it out for the public so that, if I slip up, you can all virtually slap me.

So, if you see me raving about triple mac & cheese tomorrow or if pictures surface of me double fisting milk and drinkable yogurt, please slap me. Yell at me. Throw paint on me a la PETA.

As much as I love cheese and Greek yogurt, I think I'm one of those lucky folk who thrive on a vegan diet. I don't know why. I wish I knew why. Why, God, why? Whatever the case may be, I'm doing it.


Maybe this will help make things easier:

So Delicious is coming out with a line of Greek yogurts this summer. I will be buying them all. Probably daily.


Also, I'm probably going to be going to Amherst's annual marijuana festival, cleverly named Extravaganja, this weekend. I'll be sure to do an extensive post on its awesomeness. Yes, this is perfectly legal. Yes, I fully support the legalization of marijuana. I'm a 21-year old from Hippietown, Massachusetts, what do you expect?

So I'll be back with pictures of hippies, Henna tattoos, patchouli scented gift items and "brownies".

Stay groovy.

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