December 23, 2010

Day in the Life

In the past 48 hours I have:

- Seen an elderly woman almost get arrested on a bus.
- Had a tiramisu truffle

and can now die happy.
- Threw away a batch of biscotti. Let's not talk about it.
- Almost set my apartment on fire by dropping an oven mit on the coil.
- Woke up at 3AM, on my couch, with the Golden Girls on TV and a chocolate chip stuck to my cheek. What, that hasn't happened to you?
- Forgotten my towel while taking a shower and raced to my room to retrieve it. This, of course, led me to doing a slip & slide down my hallway.
- Discovered the beauty of free samples at Whole Foods. The whole "one sample per customer" thing doesn't really apply to me.
- Had an amazing epiphany of what I'm making for my Christmas dinner after giving up and deciding to just make it a day of biscotti and hot caprese dip eating.
- Hit my head while getting a little too overzealous in half moon pose. This almost rivals the time I fell into a closet while bending too far forward in dancers pose. Yoga is way more dangerous than I thought.
- Made more biscotti:

One dough, two flavors. Recipes to come.

I can feel chocolate coming out of my pores. Maybe I'll eat a vegetable today. Or buy bigger pants.

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  1. The "one sample per customer" thing at Whole Foods totally doesn't apply to me either. (You can fit at least 3 of those green olives they always have in the cheese section on one toothpick!)

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful! I love stopping by your blog to see what you are up to. :)

  3. @LG

    Oh man Lauren, now I totally need to try that.

  4. @kt

    Thank you! I'm glad you stop by :D