August 4, 2010

Miami in Pictures: The Food, Part Two

Saturday + Sunday

For lunch on Saturday, I ate at Life Food Gourmet, a raw restaurant in downtown Miami. I had the burger, which consisted of nut and seed patty, ketchup, mustard, nacho "cheese" and veggies on a flax bun. I also had a cacao shake on the side. It was all wonderful, but the service left little to be desired.

Dinner, as stated in the last post, was also at TiramesU.

On Sunday after waking up hungover late, I decided I wanted a traditional Sunday brunch. I made reservations at Blue Door at the Delano Hotel and ended up having a lovely experience at a breathtaking hotel.

Brunch started out with this:

A blueberry bellini that, though delicious, was probably not worth $15. I also had an unpictured mimosa.

Slow cooked steel cut oats (cooked in water) with candied walnuts and cranberries and the most delicious grapefruit I've had, bruleed with raw sugar.

Dinner was spent at Sushi Samba, a Japanese, Peruvian and Brazlian fusion restaurant. The waitress said they were tapas style, but the dishes were definitely bigger than traditional tapas. I went a little overboard with ordering and ended up with more than I expected, but it was all fantastic. My meal there was probably the most flavorful that I had in my entire stay.

Started with a recommendation by the waitress, watermelon mojitos. These were the second best mojitos I've ever had.

Edamame with sea salt and lime.

Tofu with Japanese eggplant, daikon and crispy asparagus.

The stickiest, most flavorful coconut rice I've ever eaten.

Creamy, sweet plantains.

Avocado roll, vegetable samba roll, cucumber roll. The vegetable samba was my favorite; it was filled with an array of veggies and came with a peanut dipping sauce.

I know this seems like A LOT of food, but rest assured it was all shared.

Well folks, this about wraps up my Miami adventures. To say I had fun is an understatement, and to say I want to go back is the 100% truth.


  1. Love seeing all the vegetarian/vegan food! I typically only get to see what I make ;-)

  2. What were the first best mojitos?! Haha. I'm interested!

  3. I'm always surprised at how vegan friendly restaurants can be. It's definitely a good thing!

  4. These bad boys were the best (last picture). It was a blackberry mojito with a massive hunk of sugarcane inside.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS...Love love love your blog.