August 26, 2010

Desserts for Moi: Raw Chocolate Covered Cherries

I apologize for the lack of actual meal recipes, but I've been enjoying soaking up more Orlando cuisine (including delicious Indian food tonight) so I haven't been cooking much. I have, however, been creating new dessert ideas to curb my insatiable sweet tooth. I've found that making single serve raw desserts is easier and more energy efficient than cooked; I feel silly turning on the oven for a small item. This may change the next time a cookie or muffin craving pops up, so beware. For now, you'll just have to enjoy some raw goodies.

Similar to my raw gingerbread ice cream sandwiches, these could technically feed two people. Two people with small appetites. Me, I find no shame in polishing off the whole batch because they're delicious, healthy, and small.

Raw chocolate covered cherries

- 2 tbsp coconut oil
- 1 heaping tbsp cacao powder
- 1 tbsp agave
- 2 cherries, halved
- Tiny pinch of sea salt
- Opt add ins: pinch of maca and/or spirulina

- In a bowl, whisk together all ingredients aside from cherries until smooth and glossy.
- Using a teaspoon, pour a layer of chocolate on the bottom of a mold or cupcake liner (I used a heart shape ice cube tray from Ikea that worked perfectly). Place in the fridge to set.
- Once set, place a cherry half in the center of each mold and cover with another layer of chocolate until everything is enrobed with a thick, rich layer of cacao syrup. Set in the fridge or freezer until serving.

I used to love chocolate covered cherries, but didn't like the overly sweet, processed syrup inside. These are so gloriously decadent that you'll forget they're actually good for you. They're rich, not overly sweet, and have a fresh burst in the center from the cherry. They would also make a great little gift for a significant other, or for yourself at the end of a long day. I choose the latter.


  1. Hmmm...these would have easily shipped well. ;)

    When you get back to MA check out Karma in Northampton. It's a new vegan/raw eatery...the food is really good and the atmosphere is the best I've seen in an alternative place. They have a website;

  2. They would have melted before they left Florida. :P

    Really?! I'm so excited! I'll be Amherst so I'll be taking a visit STAT. Hopefully I can convince someone to go with me.

  3. You could have packed 'em in dry ice!

    If you can't convince anyone let me know and I'll meet ya there. I tend to get to Hadley/Noho on the weekends.

  4. Well darn, how could that idea have eluded me.

    Sounds like a plan! My friends aren't exactly on board with the health food/vegan thing, so I cant imagine them being easily convinced.