July 11, 2010

Wilderness Champ

Friday I came up with the grand idea to go hiking. Coming from Massachusetts, hiking always meant climbing hills and mountains in beautiful 60-70 degree weather. It meant pretty vistas, a cool breeze, and being elevated. I guess I had that idea of hiking when I decided I wanted to try it in Florida. Unfortunately, I forgot that the sunshine state lacks hills and the vistas I'm used to, but definitely has a plethora of sunshine and heat. I know, hello Captain Obvious, but it didn't register at the time. So, I hiked through the wilderness. By hike, I mean walked along paths in the woods for a long time. Almost four hours to be exact.

It was beautiful, but most of the views looked like this. Long, winding paths surrounded by trees and long blades of grass. I was entranced for about an hour before it all started to look the same.

I saw some turks.

Couldn't resist.

I only packed one bottle of water. Ironically, it was around this time that the fact that I ran out of water started to get to me. I could have drank that entire bucket of horse water, easily.

More water that I couldn't drink.

Thank God for Clif shot blocks. What I didn't bring in water, I brought in Clif products - I packed bars and shot blocks galore. After running out of water and sweating it all out, this girl needed her electrolytes.

I hit the "whine wall" here. I swore, jumped up and down, and complained about the heat and the feeling that I wasn't going anywhere. It all felt like one continuous circle of woods and sandy paths and lizards.

Seven miles later and I heard the sounds of people. Seven miles later and I almost raced to the car with excitement. Seven miles later and I would do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, I think I will soon.

Oh, did you want to see some food?

My breakfast this morn'. Protein OIAJ (1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup each water & coconut milk, 1 tbsp rice protein, 'nilla, whipped banana and strawberries) topped with extra banana, strawberries, flax and cinnamon. There are few things better than scooping up every bit of nut butter and few things worse than realizing all your nut butter is gone. Farewell, sweet cashew butter.


  1. Looks like a gorgeous walk at least. I'm used to real hiking too - but it's usually only ideal in the spring or fall here. Hope you've had a great weekend.

  2. Hiking is beautiful in Mass during the fall. The foliage is breathtaking and the weather is crisp and breezy. I hope you had a great, relaxing weekend as well. :)