June 2, 2010

Protein Obsessed

Being vegan, one of the things I quickly got used to is the question "Where do you get your protein?" Well, while I was still counting calories I would notice that my protein intake rarely reached even 40g, which is the minimum recommended amount for a healthy woman. Back then the majority of my exercise came from doing yoga twice daily. While yoga has been awesome for both my mind and body and has helped me become more centered, strong, and toned, it isn't a cardio work out. Now that I'm doing more and am becoming interested in races, I realized I needed to step up my protein. I find that the more protein and fats I eat, the more I crave them! I'm practically obsessed with nut butters, coconut, SIAB, legumes, etc. Here is the latest guest to the party:

Protein oats
In the mix

- 1/2 cup rolled oats
- 1 cup water or milk o' choice
- 2 tbsp soyogurt
- 1/2 tsp vanilla
- Agave or stevia, to taste
- Pinch of sea salt

A minute or so before the mix was done, I stirred in 1 tbsp hemp protein powder. Then I topped it all with a hidden blob o' almond butta, 1 tbsp flax and goji berries. I love gojis! I bet they would be awesome in a cookie.

These oats were totally not what I was expecting. They weren't as sweet as my normal oats and had a combination of a grassy and nutty taste. It definitely tasted 'healthy' and it's something I feel takes some getting used to, but it did the trick. I wanted the warmth and creaminess of oatmeal and the energy from the protein, and it worked! I think next time I'll up the sweetness and use my usual banana to add creaminess instead of the soyogurt. For some reason I just wasn't feeling bananas this morning (rest assured, I ate one later), but they make all the difference in oats.

After my breakfast I hit the gym and did:
- 20 minutes stairmaster on the cardio setting. I wanted to do 30, but it was more of a work out than I was expecting.
- 10 miles stationary bike on hills setting (28:00)
- 5 minute cool down jog

I was dripping sweat after this work out and it felt awesome. I had a bunch of energy. Immediately afterward I tore into a Clif bar and upon arriving home I grabbed the aforementioned banana. See, I really can't go a day without my nanners. Time to relax in my oversized Planet Fitness tee and my nautical themed pj shorts!


  1. I have not tried gogis yet. The oats sound good at least, even if they weren't exactly what you expected. Sounds like a good workout!

  2. You should! They're like a combination of raisins and dried cherries but crunchier and cool shaped. I liked the oatmeal, it just needs a bit of tweaking to be perfect.