June 5, 2010

Drinking the Night Away

This is currently the only picture I have from my night out. My sister-in-law/brother took a bunch though, so there will be more! I had an amazing 21st birthday. I went to my brother's house in Viera and my surprise was that I was going out with my super fun and beautiful sister-in-law for a girl's night. We toasted with pink champagne at the house and then set out!

First we went to this great little place called River Rocks for dinner and drinks. It's on the water and there was live music playing; it was super relaxed and nice. Our waiter was adorable and helped me choose something vegan from the menu. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the food, but I got a salad with field greens, shaved fennel, watermelon, candied pecans and balsamic. It was so delicious and refreshing. I washed down a mojito and 2 HUGE surfer on acid shots while we were there.

Then we went to World of Beer! I have been craving good quality beer for a long time so I was stoked to go here. The vibe was awesome, the bartenders were cool, I met lots of interesting people and had delicious brews. First I had a tangerine ale which came with a big tangerine wedge and was super refreshing. The next I had was blueberry and it was my favorite of the night. It had real blueberries in it and it was so fun to bite into a berry while drinking! I finished the night with a double chocolate stout (pictured), which was super heavy and rich and would have been way more enjoyable earlier in the night. My head and body aren't too happy with how I treated 'em last night, but you know what? You only turn 21 once!


  1. That all sounds awesome. Beer is one if the best things in existence, I'm glad you had a good birthday.

  2. Good beer is amazing. I've been drinking too much of it the past few days! Thank you :)