May 8, 2010

Thunder at 10AM?!

Yesterday was so beautiful in Massachusetts that it just had to rain and storm all day today. Weather consistency is not this area's strong suit. Anyway, the other treat I had yesterday was this:

Twilight candy bar (basically a vegan Milky Way). One thing I do miss is caramel, so when I saw these at Whole Foods I had to try one. I will say that it's definitely sweet and decadent, but maybe a little too sweet. I'm a bitter dark chocolate girl, so the combination of rice milk chocolate with sweet caramel wasn't as bitter as I prefer. It was tasty, though!

At my weekly Whole Foods trip I also picked up some bulk coconut and restocked my soy yogurt, which had me craving a yogurt bowl ALL DAY. Seriously, I had dreams of this yogurt bowl last night.

It's just soy yogurt, banana granola, unsweetened coconut, strawberries, and a not-quite-ripe banana. With cinnamon, as per usual.

Alongside a cup of "Macadamia nut truffle" coffee, which doesn't taste much different than any other nut flavored coffee.

There's talk about hitting up a bbq joint tonight where, surprisingly, they have a vegan black bean burger. So, we'll see how that goes. I think I'm going to snuggle in bed and watch some Food Network; I didn't sleep well last night because my roommates were up until 4AM messing around on chat roulette.


  1. what a cute spoon! i'm s nuggling in bed to lifetime. ewww hahah what is wrong with me!!

  2. I love our baby silverware. :) Sometimes snuggling in bed to lifetime is the best medicine! I was going to hit the gym but it's cold and windy, so I think it's definitely a lazy snuggly day.

  3. Krystina...the Twilight bar is AMAZING!

    A friend gave me one a few weeks ago...I was blown away!!! Have you tried the Jokerz bar by the same company? It's the same with the addition of peanuts.

    The only downside...$2.50 per bar...I'm gonna go broke! ;)

  4. I want to try the others! I'm especially intrigued by the coconut/almond variety. I spend far too much money on vegan chocolate. :( My brand o' choice is Endangered Species, and those are almost $3/bar. Going broke due to chocolate is toooootally worth it, though.

  5. Yes, I have tried the Mahalo candy bar. It wasn't as good as I hoped but you may enjoy it.

    I wrote the company that makes them...Go Max Go Foods...and asked about a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup vegan like bar. They relied that they are also thinking about that too.

    Yup, I will go broke! ;)

  6. I am so excited about that prospect! I've had an intense craving for chocolate and pb today.

  7. Where is the BBQ place with the vegan black bean burger? Sounds like the kind of place I could bring a certain meat-loving boy to.