May 18, 2010

Getting My Veggies In

I know I said I needed to cleanse because I feel like I've been eating too many grains and fruits and not enough veggies, but I had another pancake craving today. I don't know why, but when the weather is dreary or I'm not feeling well, I simply must have pancakes. Trust me, I spent a long time trying to convince myself to make a big, delicious salad, but in the end the rainy weather and the neglected spelt flour beckoned me to make 'cakes. Since I didn't want to dismiss veggies completely, I came up with:

Carrot cake pancakes w/ "cream cheese" frosting

I used this recipe, but added 1 large shredded carrot instead of blueberries, upped the cinnamon and added 1/2 tsp of ginger.

For the "cream cheese" topping, I warmed some Wildwood plain soyogurt with 1/2 tsp vanilla, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a pinch of ginger and a drop of agave (like my precise measurements?) and poured it over top. Then sprinkled with some reconstituted raisins and shredded coconut. Unfortunately I had no walnuts, but those would be a lovely addition.

These were SO good! I'd like to try making the topping with coconut butter sometime - I bet it would taste amazing. Remember, you can always find a way to get your veggies. ;)

I'm leaving on a jet plane to Orlando tomorrow morning; I'm excited! I need to prepare breakfast & lunch for tomorrow, pack, do yoga, then try to get a good nights sleep.


  1. It was, but then again I've never met a vegan pancake I didn't like.

  2. OMG - really!! Carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese frosting!!!! You are bad girl!! But I love it :-)

  3. Thanks for stopping by Jolene, I really like your blog! Haha, at least they're still somewhat nutritious. :P