November 29, 2010

The Day I Fell in Love with Oysters

Since I have no new recipes for today, I decided to share something that happened recently: I fell in love with oysters.

Yes, oysters. Raw. Aphrodisiacs. Boogers of the sea. Those oysters.

A few weeks ago I went to Boston and attended the Luna Film Festival at the Liberty Hotel. It was a fabulous, inspiring evening and I was lucky enough to be able to attend the event. I ended up spending the night at the hotel and took advantage of the wonderful restaurant inside, Clink. I had it in my head that I must try oysters, so I hesitantly ordered four.

About 10 minutes later, four oysters arrived on a half shell with an herb flecked sauce. I sprinkled (and by sprinkle, I mean covered) the oyster with the sauce and coyly put it to my mouth. Then, I pulled it away. I played that game with the oyster for roughly five minutes before I finally decided to just do it. I begrudgingly slurped the oyster and felt it slide down my throat like butter.

I grabbed the second oyster and decided to eat it without any sauce. It went down, as the first did, like butter. Briny, cold, slightly sweet butter. It was the kind of food experience that teases the senses, leaves you only slightly unsatisfied, and makes you want just a little bit more.

The rest of the dinner was filled with crisp rosé wine, doughy bread and perfectly seared scallops, but the best part was by far those oysters. I have vowed that whenever I'm at a restaurant that offers them, I will order at least a half dozen. Then probably a dozen more.

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  1. mmm oysters are so gross but so good. i like them all different ways. but let me tell you my friend, oyster food poisoning is THE WORST!!!

  2. @Christina

    Ew, I can't even imagine how awful oyster food poisoning is. I'll take my chances, though!

  3. Oysters... so delicious! We had some with a red wine vinegar shallot sauce up in Victoria when we were on our honeymoon. They are so tasty! And scallops... mmm... making my mouth water! So jealous!

  4. @Wendy

    Shallot red wine vinegar sauce would be fantastic! I, too, love scallops. They're so tender and buttery. Hell, I love almost all seafood.