August 17, 2010

Chickpea of the Sea

My mom will probably laugh at the fact that this recipe includes a laundry list of things I used to hate, which replicates a dish that I used to hate. Needless to say, my tastes have changed, especially since switching to veganism. So today I wanted to try making something that never appealed to me and see if I liked it. Live dangerously, folks, live dangerously.

Mock tuna salad

- 1 15oz can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
- 1 rib celery, diced
- 1 dill pickle, diced
- 1/2 small yellow onion, diced
- 1 tbsp nori or dulse flakes
- 3 tbsp unsweetened plain soyogurt (Wildwood)
- 1 tbsp dijon mustard
- Old Bay, to taste
- S&P, to taste

- Mash chickpeas roughly using a fork or potato masher. Alternatively, add them to a food processor and pulse until desired consistency is reached.
- Add remaining ingredients and stir to combine. Chill until serve.

The verdict? So good! It tastes very similar to tuna salad because of the nori and Old Bay and all of the flavors worked super well together. I've used chickpeas to make "chicken" salad before, but I prefer this! It's inexpensive, easy to make and tasty.

I had mine on a deliciously doughy pita with romaine and tomato. Perfetto.

Be back later with a (hopefully) successful veggie burger recipe! Happy Tuesday. :D


  1. Mmm, this looks fabulous! I usually dont like a heavily seafood taste but this seems like it wouldnt be overwhelming.

  2. It isn't at all, trust me! It has a very subtle seafood essence from the Old Bay and nori, but that's it. If you like sushi then you shouldn't have a problem with the taste an if not, you could leave out the nori without affecting the recipe much.

  3. I have been wanting to try this mock tuna thing with dulse. I used to make it all the time just never with dulse and from what I understand, that adds more of the "sea" flavor.

  4. It does! I think the combination of that with Old Bay is what separates this from mock chicken salad; it sets it over the edge.

  5. You know what I like to do with chickpea salad? Stuff it in a hollowed out tomato (and save the innards to make soup).

  6. I was thinking about what to use in place of bread, so thank you for inspiration!

  7. So I just had some leftover salad in a tomato half and it was so tasty and fresh! Thank you. :D