July 5, 2010

Present Moment Cafe

I hate to say it, but Daytona is boring. If you're not a spring breaker, biker or Nascar lover, Daytona is not the place for you. Unfortunately I am none of those things. So, what's a food blogger to do when she's in a boring spot? Drive an hour to go to St. Augustine and eat at a raw restaurant. After my fabulous experience at Cafe 118 in Winter Park, I was determined to hunt down another raw joint. Luckily, St. Augustine delivered.

The Present Moment Cafe sells vegan, mostly "living foods" and a full juice/smoothie/coffee menu. They also sell a bunch of health food items such as cacao nibs, pink sea salt and maca. It doesn't look like much from the outside - it's a quaint, quirky place with a friendly, easy going vibe. The place was relatively busy (busier than I expected) but the service was still quick and efficient. At each table was a grinder full of Himalayan pink sea salt, which I love, and water infused with lemon and cucumber. I spent a good five minutes staring at this painting while waiting for my entree to come. For some reason, I was entranced.

Then the food came. Enter more entrancement. I chose the nut loaf with white truffle alfredo and a house salad. The nut loaf was totally different than I expected; it was full of vegetables and had an interesting crust on the outside. The marinara on top had a nice spice to it and reminded me of the red pepper sundried tomato marinara I made. The "pasta" was deliciously creamy and decadent. Overall, the meal was very heartwarming, simple (well, simple as far as raw food goes) and reminded me of good old fashioned comfort food, with a twist.

They're also very sprout happy, which I'm fine with because I love me some sprouts!

I had to take a picture of the inside - look at all the veggies!

I took the comfort to the next level by giving into a craving and ordering dessert: living pecan apple cobbler. Oh my word.

It was slightly warm and gooey on the bottom and the flavor was spot on. Once again, deliciously heartwarming.

The Present Moment Cafe has fairly familiar raw food dishes, so those who are wanting to explore raw food a bit wouldn't feel too out of sorts here. It has a more "down home" feel than the innovative menu and vibe of Cafe 118, but that's like comparing apples (or cobbler) to oranges.

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  1. Hey! I jsut found your blog the other day via Graduate Meghann, and I got to say - I love it!! It's actually one of my new favourites :)
    But I have one complaint..where's your recipe page!? I backtracked through every single one of your posts and saw SO much delicious stuff I want to cook :P do you think you'll make one soon? :)

  2. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it. :)

    Ah, good idea! Now that you mention it, I should definitely create one so everything is more organized. Expect to start seeing one in the next few days. Thanks again for stopping by and if there's anything else you want to see, lemme know!