July 10, 2010

Best Thing(s) I EVER Ate

You know that show "Best Thing I Ever Ate" on The Food Network? Well, I watch it religiously because TFN is pretty much the only thing I watch. But, I digress - here is a list of best things I've eaten from this evening:

House salad from Ethos Vegan Kitchen. Well, the salad was just OK, though the addition of artichoke hearts was lovely. The real star here is the agave mustard dressing. I've been wanting a good alternative to honey mustard and this is the best I've ever had, even including the real deal from my pre-vegan days.

Samson burger from Ethos Vegan Kitchen. It's a massive black bean burger with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, sprouts, ketchup and mustard. Basically, it's everything that should be on the typical American burger. So, basically, it was heaven on a ciabatta bun. Sure, I could have gotten whole wheat to be healthier, but this roll was so incredibly perfect that it's worth the empty carbs. Chewy, crispy, just perfect. All in all, the best black bean burger I've ever eaten.

A repeat: s'mores from Cafe 118. Still, hands down, the single BEST thing that has ever entered my mouth. If someone told me I had to subsist on these s'mores alone, I would die a happy woman. A very, very happy woman. Go here. Eat this. It will change your life.

Now, I'm watching Two Fat Ladies. Appropriate end to the evening? I think so.

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