June 28, 2010

Sweet Bliss

I found bliss in Orlando, in the form of cupcakes. I thought I made my rounds on my Tour de (Vegan) Orlando, but apparently I was wrong because I totally missed this place. Raphsodic Cooperative Company Bakery & Store is easily missed, as it is a small bakery tucked within the "little Vietnam" district. I mean, who would suspect a vegan joint be right across the street from a pho restaurant or Asian market? Certainly not I. However, when I found out this place existed and that they sold cupcakes, I knew I had to get one. So before engorging myself at Dandelion earlier this week, I treated myself to a cupcake.

As soon as I entered the bakery I was greeted by this lovely, sweet employee named Katie. She was super warm and friendly and became excited when I called her sweet pea because she uses it as a term of endearment as well. I saw that they were selling raw macaroons and I mentioned that I made them recently, so she recommended that I talk to their raw chef. We had a nice little conversation and her friendliness alone let me know that I would totally dig the place.

Choosing a cupcake flavor proved difficult. Some were in a case and others were on display shelves - I was immediately drawn to the freshly baked triple chocolate and coconut flavors in the case. Secretly I think I wanted to try the lavender chocolate, but there was only one cupcake left and I wanted a fresher one. So, chocolate or coconut? That's like asking a mother to pick her favorite child.

But I did it. How could I resist a cupcake that not only boasted of its high chocolate content but had a huge chocolate chunk on top?

It was dense, gooey, moist and rich - everything a cupcake should be. I moaned far too many times while eating it.

Not yet in a sugar-induced cupcake coma, I went back to Raphsodic the next day. I had to. How else would I be able to write a proper review if I only tried one flavor? Come now. As soon as I walked in, Katie immediately recognized me and we officially introduced ourselves. There was live music playing in the corner and I wish I could have stayed for a while, but dinner was waiting.

This time I tried blueberry lemon. It tasted like a light and fluffy blueberry muffin with sweet, yet pleasantly tart frosting. The blueberries inside were whole and huge and burst in my mouth. It certainly wasn't as rich as the triple chocolate, but it was fruity and airy and still wonderfully decadent.

This is the type of place I hope to own someday. The staff is super friendly and adorable, the vibe is great, and the treats are everything treats should be. I'll be going back soon to try out more flavors or maybe a brownie or other baked good. You know, for the sake of the blog.

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  1. Oh now blueberry lemon sounds more my speed. Yum.

  2. cupcakes everywhere! i would love the blueberry lemon!

  3. I wish I had the power to always choose fruit over chocolate, but unfortunately chocolate usually wins. :P

  4. I actually thought of you when I got the cupcake, Christina. Since you've been into baking with ricotta, I bet a lemon blueberry ricotta breakfast/dessert would be bomb!