May 17, 2010

Relaxation Station

Even though I should be stressed and overwhelmed because I leave for Florida in less than two days and I haven't even begun to pack, I'm oddly relaxed. I don't know whether it's the meditation I've been doing lately, the nice weather, or just simply my mood. Regardless, I feel so serene and at peace.

I've been doing a lot of walking the past few days. Normally I go to the gym and do high intensity cardio three days a week, but I don't have a gym membership currently (since I'm going to be in Florida all summer anyway) so I've been kind of slacking on the cardio since leaving school Wednesday. This could easily be remedied by running outside, but honestly? I don't really like running outside. I do, however, love nice walks in the sunshine. Check out this beautiful land I saw today:

Ah, Berkshires, you're so pretty sometimes. I wanted to run through the field and roll around in the grass, but I figured the owners of the farm wouldn't appreciate it.

I'm also crackers for Mary:

I've been wanting to try these for a while but couldn't justify spending almost $5 for a package. I finally caved and bought the onion flavor - I'm glad I did! I love their nuttiness and crispiness.

Since coming home I've been making big dinners and eating leftovers for days (see: chili and pizza). I've also been consuming lots carbs and not enough veggies. So, my body needs to be cleansed a bit, but my mind is aflutter and I can't think of any clean recipe ideas. Anyone have any they'd like to share? I promise I'm not a picky eater.

Side note: My bum is super sore. I guess walking really does the trick sometimes.


  1. Walking and being outside is most definitely relaxing. It's good that you're relaxed! I don't just LOVE running, but will run outside any day as opposed to the dreadmill LOL

  2. I want to love running outside because it's much prettier and gyms can be annoying, but the ground bothers my knees and I find I can run a lot longer and faster on a treadmill. Boo. :(

  3. Ratatouille with a side of brown rice!! Lots of good veggies, perks you right up.

    Ratatouille (baked as a casserole):
    Zucchini (4-5)
    Eggplant (1 medium to large)
    Bell peppers (2)
    Onion (1 large)
    Canned tomatoes (or fresh if you prefer)
    Tomato sauce
    Fresh ground pepper

    Slice up your zucchini and eggplant into very thin slices (quarter the eggplant and then slice it) and roast the slices on a cookie sheet at 425 degrees for 9 ish minutes after spritzing them with olive oil. I usually have about 4 cookie trays worth to do.

    Slice your green peppers and onions into strips, and saute them with olive oil and water (I use water to make sure they cook through really nicely and caramelize some) until the onions just start to caramelize and all the veggies are tender.

    As your zucchini/eggplant trays come out of the oven at each turn, (don't do more than one, stuff burns)scrape them into a 13X9" ish glass baking pan. Once you have the bottom mostly covered, sprinkle in basil and pepper and put tomatoes on top of that layer and sprinkle in some tomato sauce. Alternate tomatoes and roasted veggies; I put the peppers and onions on the top layer.

    I use mozzarella cheese on top, but you could go without or use Daiya if you liked! Bake at 375 degrees for about 30-40 minutes (I go by what the cheese on top looks like, but that range will get all your veggies melded together really well.)

    This makes TONS. Literally feeds 3 of us for about a week at my house (me, hubby and 19 year old brother... who eats like a HORSE.)

  4. Wendy - that sounds hearty and wonderful! I'll definitely be making that sometime. Thank you. :)