July 23, 2010

Work It Out

This morning before my work out I had what I'm calling "brownie batter overnight oats".

The night before I mixed 1/2 cup oats, 3/4 cup soy milk, 1 tbsp flax, 1 packet cacao infusion Amazing Grass and this morning I topped it with a sliced banana, a scoop of dark chocolate pb, a garnish of raspberries and a dusting of cacao.

I want to eat these forever. If only I could afford a tub of Amazing Grass.

I've received a few emails asking me about fitness advice. I'm not a fitness guru and I don't do anything too special when it comes to my schedule, but I figured I'd share my typical weekly workout schedule with everyone, including some advice and tips. Note: I am not a certified personal trainer or anything of the sort, I'm just sharing what worked for me.

The most important bit of advice is that you need to find what works for you. Some people are runners, others swimmers, others take up pilates or yoga. Don't force yourself to do a work out that you don't enjoy because you won't stick to it. Find something (or multiple things) that get you excited about working out and go with it. Engaging in unhappy workouts is a quick way to quit.

Here is my typical week:

Every morning starts with a 20 minute yoga session. I do it right after I brush my teeth and before breakfast to get my energy going and my body warmed up. I switch it up daily (go to Yoga Download for free 20 minute sessions).

Day one: Moderate cardio. I typically do 30 minutes on the elliptical, stairmaster or cross trainer and a 10 minute cool down incline walk on the treadmill.
Day two: Strength training.
Day three: 40-60 minutes of yoga.
Day four: Interval cardio. This usually includes 20 minutes on the elliptical (5 minutes forwards at 5 resistance, 5 minutes backwards at 10 resistance) and then 10-20 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill.
Day five: Strength training.
Day six: 40-60 minutes yoga.
Day seven: Active rest day. This can include yoga or light cardio.

- Don't work out the same muscle groups in consecutive days. If you do choose to do strength training on consecutive days, use different muscle groups (e.g. legs one day, chest/triceps/shoulders the next)

- Always follow up a work out with a good protein source within 30-60 minutes.

- Stay hydrated! You always want to aim for 8 glasses a day, especially if you're working out daily.

- Use intervals when doing cardio. It will improve your endurance and raise your heart rate.

- Most importantly: listen to your body. Push yourself, but don't kill yourself. If you overwork your body, you'll burn out and could harm yourself. I always adhere to the "5 minute rule" if I'm not feeling 100%, in which I give myself 5 minutes of working out and if I feel alright after the time elapsed, I continue, but if not, then I stop and rest.

- Don't beat yourself up if you have to take a rest day, if you have to stop to walk instead of jogging/running, or if you have to use lighter weights than you'd like. Your body knows what it wants and needs and at the end of the day, you're still getting exercise, and that's what matters.

Today was leg day for me. I have a love/hate relationship with leg day because I always end up wobbling out of the gym, but it's such an awesome feeling. I did:

- 3 sets, 10-12 reps.
- 5 minute treadmill warm up. 3.5MPH @ 2.5 incline
- Leg extensions
- Calf raises (using 15lb weight)
- Pilates leg circles (10 clockwise and 10 counter-clockwise on each side and front)
- Hamstring curls
- Wall squats (Hold 30 seconds, 3 times)
- Dolphin plank (30 seconds), side plank (30 seconds each side), dolphin plank (30 seconds)
- 10 minute cool down:
0-3:00: 3.5MPH @ 2.5 incline
3:00-6:00: 3.5MPH @ 5.0 incline
6:00-9:00: 3.5MPH @ 10.0 incline
9:00-10:00: 3.5MPH @ 2.5 incline

Then after walking back in the pouring rain, I refueled with this baby:

- 1/2 cup frozen berries
- 1/2 frozen banana
- Handful of kale
- 1 tbsp each hemp + rice protein
- 1 tbsp spirulina
- 1 tbsp flax
- 1 cup water
- 4-5 ice cubes

Natural protein powa! :D Also, note the Aventinus glass, my new love.

The final piece of advice I can offer is to just go for it. Stop making excuses for not working out and just do it! You can do exercises at home, the gym, or the great outdoors. When all is said and done, it's only an hour or so out of your day. What will you do instead of working out for that hour? Most of us spend much more time than that just lounging around the house. Get up and go! You'll feel better afterward.


  1. Great points - there should be almost no excuse as to why you can't work out. Even if it's in 10 minutes sessions, that's better than nothing at all.

  2. I'm a firm believer in the idea that every bit counts, so I agree with you.

  3. the dusting of cacao is just perfect!!

    i love amazing grass bars but still haven't tried the powders. i wish money grew on trees ;)

    i like your fitness tips!

  4. I've recently discovered a "duster" in the kitchen so I plan to do many dustings!

    Haha, so do I! I eat trees, might as well collect some money while I'm at it.

    Thanks :)

  5. Wow, your breakfast looks fantastic. I had a smoothie today, but I still feel weird when I have a sweet b-fast instead of a savory one. Maybe if I fully commit and go with Brownie Batter Oats it will feel more right.

  6. I have the opposite problem. I never feel right having a savory breakfast because my sweet tooth is so big.