June 8, 2010

Must Control My Love for Chocolate

My friends tell me I'm nuts for spending $2.69 on my beloved Endangered Species chocolate, which is quite expensive considering you can buy a Hershey Bar for under $1.00 in some places. Well, I value my overpriced chocolate because it tastes delicious and part of my money goes toward said endangered animals. Basically, aside from nut butters, chocolate is probably my top food love. Well, I think my love has spiraled out of control when I purchased this baby at The Wine Bar the other night:

Looks innocent enough, right? Just your basic chocolate bar. Well, sort of. This is sea salt nib by Eclipse Chocolat. The girl working the register told me it tastes like a chocolate covered pretzel. Well, it didn't really, but I digress. This chocolate bar cost just under $8.00. Eight dollars. On chocolate. The Wine Bar is sneaky because they tempt me with exotic treats and don't put prices on them, so I grabbed the bar and told her to ring it up without even bothering to ask the price. I almost had a heart attack when she announced the total.

So, how does $8.00 chocolate taste? Well, it's super yum. The sea salt flavor is subtle and contrasts nicely with the chocolate. There are big chunks of candied cacao nibs which taste lovely but hurt the roof of my mouth. The chocolate itself is rich and melty, but not as dark as I'd like (50%, I'm more a 70%+ kinda gal). All in all, it was definitely awesome chocolate, but I think I'll stick to my Endangered Species. That is, unless I decide to try Eclipse's sweet basil mint. No, Krystina, fight the urge.

In other news, this morning I tried out a new SIAB!

Cashew coconut SIAB
In the mix:

- 1 frozen banana
- 1 big handful kale
- 1/2 cup almond milk
- 1/4 cup water
- 1/4 cup coconut milk
- 1 tbsp hemp protein
- 1/2 tbsp ground flax

Topped with:

- Nature's Path hemp plus granola (delish)
- 1/2 tbsp flax
- 1 tbsp coconut
- Blob o' cashew butta

Unfortunately the coconut flavor didn't come out as much as I'd like and the cashew butta was kind of lost in the mix (I like to scoop out hunks of nut butta in my bowl) but I bet it'll set up more in the fridge. Mmm, breakfast.


  1. holy smokes! i saw $8 bars in italy but they were much bigger! i hope it was awesome!

  2. I've definitely spent that much and more on chocolate before. My favorite brand is $5 for less than 2 ounces. But it's locally made and vegan. Hey..if you go through Atlanta the whole foods even carries my Nashville chocolate. It's called Olive & Sinclair and the sea salt variety is divine. :)

  3. $8 chocolate from Italy would be worth it, $8 chocolate from a fancy wine bar in Florida is just overpriced chocolate. :(

  4. Awesome that it's both local and vegan! I've accepted that I'm going to be buying expensive chocolate regardless because all vegan chocolate is, but this bar was a little too steep for me.