June 14, 2010

The Importance of Lunch

So, I realized while scanning the blog recently that I don't post much (if anything) about lunch. Normally I just throw together any old thing because lunch has never been of much importance to me. Breakfast is my favorite meal, dinner is fun because I can cook, and we all know I enjoy late night chocolate, but lunch was always insignificant. Well, today I decided to make it important. Even though this dish is nothing special, it made my tummy happy and it was such a perfect meal for a hot, sticky Florida day.

I had a salad monster with romaine, chickpeas, cucumber, leftover quinoa, fresh pico de gallo, sea salt and cilantro. Beautiful and so crisp and refreshing.

I also had a double shot of carrots. No one can accuse me of not getting my daily dose of Beta Carotene! I absolutely love carrot juice.

Despite it being a Monday, it feels like a Sunday to me, so I'm treating today as such. I'm having a nice relaxing day lounging around the house, doing some yoga, and making a nice dinner tonight. I've been on the go so much lately that I forgot how nice it is to just relax sometimes. Now, I would prefer said relaxation if done beside a pool while sipping a glass of naked merlot, but I'll take what I can get.

P.S: Wendy, thank you for your advice about hydration and a "yin" deficiency. The past few days I've been drinking a lot more water and I feel better. The past few work outs I've done have been easier, I didn't sweat as bad and I felt better afterward. I guess I'll just up my water intake and see what happens!


  1. I typically eat some form of a salad for lunch every day. They're so east and perfect when the weather is HOT in the south.

  2. I usually don't want salads often, but lately I've been craving them daily. I've been getting them at restaurants and making them pretty much daily. Nothing beats raw goods when it's a sauna outside.

  3. Glad it was helpful! :) Glad to hear you're feeling better.

    I can't wait to do some relaxing myself... these last couple shifts before I go on vacation are CRAZY TIMES lol.

  4. Thank you again! I had another great work out today.

    Where are you going? I hope you have a good vaca. :)