May 9, 2010

Lazy Sunday

...wake up in the late afternoon.

No really, incredibly lazy. This is my day in a nutshell:

Wake up. Morning yoga. Breakfast. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Lounge.

That went on for quite a few hours. Then I had a burst of energy, so I decided to get all dolled up for the gym. Went outside and almost got blown over by the wind, so I scurried back inside to do some more lounging. I have a love/hate relationship with lazy days. On the one hand, it's nice to just simply do nothing. On the other hand, I feel, well, lazy. I packed some things and donated clothes; that counts as something, right?

Then I chair raced down the hall with my roommates/friend Keith and did a backflip over the chair. Needless to say, I lost.

Then I made dinner after being inspired by Angela's recent eats. Totally basic and simple, but comforting:

Brown mush rice and roasted vegetables

The vegetables were bomb. I just chopped up:
- 1/2 sweet potato
- 1 orange pepper
- 1/2 yellow onion
- 1 zucchini
- 1 huge garlic clove

and tossed it with 1 tbsp olive oil, S&P, dried basil and oregano, then popped it in a 400 degree oven for around 40 minutes. Perfetto.

The only roommate who brought pots/pans is moving out today, so I didn't have my standard pot to cook my rice. So, after some googling, I decided to try making rice in my crock pot. I added 1 cup of rice and a little over 2 cups of water, put it on high for around 2-3 hours, and then ate a nice pile of mush. I swear, one minute it was still firm and looking promising, and the next it just turned into the consistency of oatmeal. I like my rice sticky, but not to that degree.

Actually, one of the things I have yet to master is rice cooking. I can make some killer quinoa, kickin' couscous, marvelous millet, etc, but rice is still a fickle little grain. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat it regardless, but I want to make the most perfect, fluffiest rice ever.

To top off my lazy day?

Who needs a man when you have Endangered Species chocolate? I apologize for my hair and clothes, but it is lazy Sunday after all.


  1. I hear you on the lazy days. I sometimes feel guilty for enjoying them. I think packing up some clothes and cooking counts towards being productive though!

  2. i love lazy days! lazy days for me w/ my hair are work days! haha. i'm so bad -- but there is no one here to impress so i nix the make up!

  3. It's the end of the semester, so I'll blame that on these lazy days of mine.

    I haven't worn make up in days! It's oddly freeing.