May 25, 2010

Halfway to Hawaii

Ah, oatmeal. I got so caught up in my yogurt bowls that I forgot about you. I finally had some time this morning to make a more time consuming breakfast, so I returned to oatmeal because you never can forget your first love. So, I whipped up what I'm dubbing "Halfway to Hawaii (or snowy mountain) oats"

Note the Ron Jon's cup. Love!

In the mix
- 1/2 cup rolled oats
- 1 cup water or almond milk
- 1 banana, divided (half was whipped in the oats, half sliced on top)
- 1/2 tsp vanilla
- 2 tbsp unsweetened coconut
- 1/8 cup chopped toasted cashews
- 1 tbsp flax
- Cinnamon

These are "halfway" because they're missing the last tropical element. Pineapple? Mango? Something fruity. It didn't help that I put cinnamon in them, but I guess I need cinnamon every morning. Other than that, I need to work with my dad's stove a little more because we're not used to each other yet. I like my oats creamy, the stove made them dry. Yes, I'm blaming the stove. So, I need to cook them for a shorter amount of time and maybe add more liquid. I'll get it down, don't you worry. Also, as you can see, I'm more than excited about finally tracking down unsweetened coconut.

In other news, I'm doing my first race on July 4! The 19th annual Watermelon 5K in Winter Park, FL. I'm STOKED! I've been really wanting to get into racing due to the amazing inspirations in the blog world and this is my chance to have a taste.

Well, now I'm hot (go figure, I ate hot oats in Florida) so I'm going to go relax in the AC and enjoy an easy morning/afternoon. Hopefully I'll hit the gym later to work on some cardio.


  1. LOL - love that you blame the stove! ;-) Congrats on signing up for your first race too!!

  2. Of course. It wasn't my fault for cooking them too long or anything. Thank you! I'm so excited!!

  3. cannot wait to hear about the race
    the themed cup sure make you look like you're in hawaii!
    Have a good one :)

  4. Thank you!! I'm so anxious for the race.